Agfest 2021

Four Days in the Paddock and Seven days in the Cloud

Agfest in the Paddock 5-8 May : in 2021, we staged our first ever four-day field day opening on Wednesday and running to Saturday. As part of our compliance and focus on safety in this changing operating landscape, capacity numbers were restricted to 10,000 per day to reduce crowd congestion.

Agfest in the Cloud 8 -15 May : following on from our successful ‘Cloud’ event in 2020 where we had over one million-page views, we offered this exciting platform to all successful ‘Paddock’ exhibitors in 2021. We had visits from over the world and we had over 110,000 page views during the seven day event.

What's happening in 2022 and what are the dates? We are still gathering feedback and we will let you know as soon as we have decided.