Agfest 2022

Four Days in the Paddock and Six days in the Cloud

May event postponed to August, dates now:

Agfest in the Paddock 24 - 27 August : in 2022, our four-day field day will open on Wednesday and run to Saturday. As part of our compliance and focus on safety in this changing operating landscape.

Agfest in the Cloud 27 August - 2 September : following on from our successful ‘Cloud’ event in 2020 where we had over one million-page views and 110,000 in 2021, this exciting platform ‘Paddock’ will open at 12 noon on 27 August and run to 5pm on 2 September.

What's happening in 2023 and what are the dates? 4 - 6 May in the paddock and 6 - 12 May in the cloud!