Chairman's Welcome

Welcome everyone,  

It is with great pleasure that I am addressing you as the 2020 Agfest Chairman for the 38th year of our amazing event. 

A little about my Rural Youth and Agfest journey. I first joined Rural Youth way back in 2011 when a family member brought me along to North Motton’s monthly meeting and from there I never looked back. I became club Treasurer in 2012 and also attended my first Agfest. I volunteered in the car park across a wet three days and soon worked out that Agfest was just one big happy family.  I knew then that I wanted to further my knowledge of Agfest and Quercus to one day strive to be Chairman.

Eight years on and countless positions held between Agfest and Rural Youth here I am having the honour of leading such an event! But I couldn’t do it alone so I would like to take the time to introduce the Leadership Team:

  • State President- Jake Williams 
  • Vice Chairman- Bree Bisset 
  • Operations Manager- Matthew Wadley 
  • Exhibitor Manager- Rhys Mills 
  • Media & Promotions Manager- Dylan Bellchambers 
  • Safety and Compliance Manager- Jacqui Hodgkinson 
  • Security Manager- Owen Woolley 
  • Features Manager- Ashley Evans 
  • Rural Youth Member- Caitlin Radford 

We have over 700 exciting and diverse exhibits for everyone to enjoy, we will continue to build on our foundations of being agricultural based and supporting Tasmanian business’. 

Agfest is very much so on the map here in Tassie and I would love for us to be the most widely known tourist attraction in Tasmania and the team will strive to attract more interstate and international patrons to show what the Tasmanian agricultural sector has to offer.

I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe year ahead and I’ll see you all at Agfest on May 7-9.


Ethan Williams - Agfest Chairman 2020