Chairman's Welcome

Welcome to Agfest 2019. It is with great pleasure that I am greeting you as the 2019 Chairman for the 37th year. This is my second year as the field days chairman and would like to welcome you to come along and enjoy another amazing showcase of all things Tasmanian.

Agfest is one of the state’s largest economic drives and agricultural showcases, all of which is organised by Volunteer committee from Rural Youth Tasmania and our dedicated staff. Rural Youth members are aged between 15 and 30, dedicating and volunteering numerous hours to ensure Agfest is the spectacular showcase we know and love. 

We have over 700 exciting and diverse exhibits on display for you to enjoy this year, we can ensure there is a good time and something for all. We have continued to build on the newly introduce Junior Livestock Handling display from last year, which has grown to quite the showcase. The Marine & Safety Tasmania Precinct is back again this year due to high demand and popularity, these two great areas are just some of the many attractions to be seen and enjoyed.

Agfest and Rural Youth have been a major part of my life for the past ten years, providing some amazing and life changing experiences, including an overseas exchange to Canada for three months. It was an ambition to become Chairman since my first Agfest, now in my second term, I hope to continue with the growth and success of our event.

We look forward to seeing you at the event. 

Owen Woolley