Chairman's Report

 Wrap Up 2018

Hello and welcome, it is with great pleasure that I, Owen Woolley, the Chairman of Agfest for 2018 am presenting you my first after Agfest wrap up report.

It is hard to believe Agfest has come and gone already in what feels like the blink of an eye. The last nine months have definitely been a roller coast ride in undertaking this role, but a very rewarding ride it has been.

When I decided to take on the position of chairman, I will quickly admit I was flying blind. I have been a member of Rural Youth Tasmania for nine years and this Agfest was my eighth event as a volunteer. Over the years I have progressively taken on bigger and more arduous roles on the committee, the step to chairman however was more like a leap.

I had never held a position of such responsibility on a committee before taking on chairman, so it was a crash course in how to chair meetings and everything that is associated with such a position. I am very grateful for the team and committee around me for their patience and support in enabling me to take on this position and learn along the way.

Agfest this year was quite the success, with glorious weather in the lead up weeks, helping keep the site in good condition. Which I can assure you, all exhibitors, freight companies and contractors onsite were rather pleased about, as there is nothing worse than setting up in the mud and rain.

The three field days were very kind to us, only a small amount of rain on Thursday night and early Friday morning, nothing the site couldn’t handle and hey it wouldn’t be Agfest if it didn’t rain! Over the three days we saw 65,794 patrons through the gates attending our event, exploring and enjoying the wares of what the 709 exhibitors had on display.

The attendance on each day was-

Thursday 3/5       = 17,313

Friday 4/5            =18,682

Saturday 5/5        =29,799

This is an amazing attendance, which in fact was the second largest crowd for a Saturday and the third largest crowd on any day. I know from my perspective, this is quite a milestone.

I must again draw attention to the 120+ volunteers that dedicate their time and effort into organising and coordinating an event of such magnitude as Agfest is, the impact our event has on the state is astronomical and it is all done by volunteers between the age of 15 and 30!

Without the amazing team of leadership team, volunteers and dedicated staff Agfest wouldn’t happen. It is a great pleasure and relief to have such and amazing team working together having fun and organising one of the states largest events. The friendships and fun had running this event are priceless, what we achieve is quite awe inspiring.

So thanks again to everyone who participated in Agfest 2018, without you Agfest wouldn’t exist, the success of the event is a credit to you, thank you for all your hard work and dedication. I look forward to Agfest 2019 with great anticipation.

Owen Woolley