Chairman's Report

Agfest 2017

Thank you for supporting Agfest Field Days, Tasmania 2017. We are extremely proud of our event, and appreciative of all avenues that contribute towards the success each year.

Reaching 60,000 attendees was our aim for 2017 - we well and truly reached that goal with 62,787 attending! The weather certainly was a contributing factor in reaching those patron numbers and we certainly found it is far easier logistically and operationally to run Agfest without the added components of rain, mud and wind - for the first time in five years we had to water the roadways!

Online ticketing in its introductory year went exceptionally well with ticket sales going from selling just 90 pre-sold at the start of April to 11,400 sold with the final ticket selling at 3:31pm Saturday!

Many thanks to the patrons who visited us; to our 753 exhibitors who put on fantastic displays, to our service clubs and charities who helped, to our valued staff, but most of all, to our volunteers and Agfest committee members for all their hard work in the last 10 months leading up to Agfest 2017. We are extremely grateful for the support of the community in running what has grown into one of the largest field days in Australia. We couldn't do it without the appreciation and support from the Tasmanian community.

The Agfest Committee is committed to continual development; feedback from exhibitors and patrons is a valuable resource - all ideas are discussed and many are implemented, please forward your feedback to or use the feedback form with in the website.

As I head into my final weeks as Chairman of Agfest, I am honoured to have such privilege to lead Tasmania's iconic rural event into the future with a great team, handing the event over to the newly elected leadership group in July 2017, providing our Organisation constant opportunity of development, new ideas and diversity.

Agfest is run by young volunteers from Rural Youth Tasmania. I’d like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that has gone into making our event possible, and to recognize Rural Youth Tasmania’s commitment to giving young people many opportunities to have a go and become advocates within their field. 

I encourage you to visit the Rural Youth Tasmania Feature located on Main Road and Ninth Avenue in 2018 - if aged between 15 - 30 years consider your opportunity in joining this fabulous organisation - I did when I was 16 and have had the adventure of a lifetime, the world of opportunities for professional development and lifelong friendships formed! You won't regret getting involved! 

I hope you enjoyed walking the streets of Agfest 2017. 

Kate Birch
CHAIRMAN - AGFEST 2016 & 2017