Agfest Committee

Agfest is organised and run by members and past members of Rural Youth Organisation of Tasmania Inc. All the committee are volunteers and we appreciate their efforts.

Agfest Committee 2021

Position First Name Surname
Chairman Ethan Williams
Vice Chairman Caine Evans
4WD & Heritage Vacant  
Asst. 4WD & Heritage Vacant  
Personnel & Accommodation Vacant  
Asst Personnel & Accommodation Vacant  
Livestock & Animal Handling Vacant  
Asst Livestock & Handling Vacant  
Car Park Coordinator 


Asst Car Park  Vacant  
Committee Catering  Vacant  
Community Groups Vacant  
Central Arena Vacant  
Asst. Central Arena Vacant  
Craft Pavilions Vacant  
Asst Craft  Vacant  
Exhibitor Manager Callie  Barber
Asst Exhib Manager & Business & Lifesyle Expo Vacant  
Equine Exhibitors Vacant  
Equine Entertainment Vacant  
Features Manager Brady Robins
Asst. Features  Vacant  
Loading & Lifting Vacant  
Asst. Loading & Lifting Vacant  
Operations Manager Callum  Forbes
Asst. Operations inc Fuel Vacant  
Ass Operations Floating Vacant  
P.A. Vacant  
Parcel PickUp Vacant  
Power Vacant  
Asst. Power Vacant  
Media & Promotions Dylan Bellchambers
Asst. Media & Promotions  Vacant  
Purchasing Vacant  
Safety & Compliance Jacqui Hodgkinson
Asst. Safety & Compliance Vacant  
Security Owen Woolley
Asst. Security Vacant  
Signs Vacant  
Asst. Signs Vacant  
RY State President & Feature Jake Williams
Front Ticket Box Vacant  
Back Ticket Box Vacant  
Traffic Management Vacant  
Asst. Traffic Vacant  
Unique Taste Vacant  
Asst Unique Taste Vacant  
Waste Management Vacant  
Asst. Waste Management Vacant  
Water Cart Vacant  
Asst. Water Cart  Vacant  
Youth Engagement Vacant