First Aid

In the event of an emergancy please call 000, St John Ambulance Officers are also availabl on Site 615 in Sixth Avenue. 

Toilets - Four permanent toilet blocks

  1. Near the corner of CWA Grove and South Street
  2. To the left as you enter the Main Entrance (behind First Avenue)
  3. Behind the Fire Station, near the corner of Ninth Avenue and South Street
  4. Eighth Avenue north of North Street

Toilets are also located adjacent to the Unique Taste Pavilion and next to Heritage at the northern end of Sixth Avenue. Disabled toilets are located at each block.

Baby Feed & Change

Two locations for Baby Feed and Change facilities - one on Main Street near the PA speakers which is run by volunteer members of the Australian Breastfeeding Association and a second facility provided by Rural Youth members in the Function Centre in Ninth Avenue.

ATM Facilities

Two banks of ATM's are provided on site. One is located inside the Main Gate and the second is near the Rural Youth Function Centre on Ninth Ave.

Lost Children 

Lost children are cared for by the Girl Guides, situated in the same position each year, adjacent to the speaker tower in Main Street.

Suggestion: Collect a free ID bracelet for your child at the enterance gates. Write your child's name and your mobile number on it and secure it to your child's arm. This makes it easy for us to ring you with good news if you get seperated. 

Information Booths

Two locations (1) in the hexagonal building at the main entrance and (2) Site Office in Main Street in front of Central Arena.

Polling Booth

Outside the Main Gate past the Ticket boxes.

Food and Drink 

A number of community groups provide excellent catering options are available around the site, please see the list on page 13 of the Official Guide for more details. 

Mobility Scooters Hire 

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we have been unable to source a supplier to hire mobility scooters at the event.

Parcel Service 

For only $5 you can store your parcels whilst you continue shopping or let us organise your item/s be picked up from the place of purchase and delivered to the collection points in the car parks. More information available in the Official Guide page 15.