Agfest's slippery start


Celebrating its 34th year, Agfest 2016 has had a slippery start with stormy weather damaging the site the day before opening.

Despite the gale force winds, Agfest opened on time with crowds ready to kick off the state’s largest rural event of the year.

With a new record of 762 exhibiters, and 13,563 patrons passed through the gate on the first day.

Agfest is a great way to spend a day - wondering through the craft sheds, to the machinery, taking in a demonstration or experiencing the best food Tasmania has on offer in one convenient location.

Alistair Downie has been a volunteer at Agfest for 31 years.

Mr Downie said that he thought the numbers would be down due to the weather but would be better in the next couple of days. “If we didn’t have Agfest, where would Tasmania be?”

Agfest’s Vice Chairperson Dayna Broun said that it was a good day “the weather held out, we didn’t get too much rain and we still had a good crowd through the gate, so we were pretty happy with that”

Russel Cripps who assisted with directing all the patrons safely into the car parks said everyone was patient and went well except one slightly oversized car that had to be re directed.

“Even with the weather it was a great day, windy but still a good day, great food” said a patron of Agfest.