Ashgrove Cheese aims to be the cream of the crop


Cheese and butter go down a treat at Agfest

Ashgrove Cheese is a Tasmanian staple when it comes to cheese, butter, milk and cream. 

Winner of more than 15 national gold medals at various food shows last year, such as the Sydney Royal Food Show and the Hobart Royal Food show, Ashgrove continues to provide high quality products. 

Ashgrove marketing and communications manager Anne Bennett said they ensure their cheesemaking is the best it can be.

 “The cheesemaking process simply starts with growing the best quality grass and having the healthiest cows possible,” she said. 

 “We now use 50 per cent Jersey cow in our herd, 15 per cent are Swiss-brown and 35 per cent are Friesian holstein. This is for the fat content, which means the milk is creamier and therefore the cheese has a better fat content and better flavour.”

Ashgrove credits its growth and success to events, like Agfest, which gives them face-to-face feedback from customers. 

 “We bring new products to Agfest such as our Ruby Red Chilli Cheese, we put them in people’s mouths and we get feedback. It’s not just about sales, it’s knowing what our customers want,” she said.

Known around the country for their cheese, cream, butter, milk and ice cream, Agfest this year has seen them go back to basics.

 “2016 is a different year for us. We have gone back to old school. We just brought our cheese and butter. This year the most popular cheeses people are buying are our Havarti cheese, our Cloth-Aged cheddar and our Mr Bennett’s Blue”. 

With Agfest bringing in many new customers, as well as established fans of Ashgrove and its products, Ms Bennett says they love coming every year as part of the Tasmanian dairy industry. 

 “It’s really important also in the agricultural community that we are still here, that we are still in the family,” she said.

The Ashgrove Stall can be found inside the Dairy Tas LegenDairy Expo at site M98.