Eddie's Chainsaw Masterpieces


AGFEST is the place for people to show-off their unique and intriguing talents.

Eddie Freeman's talent is taking a piece of wood, a chainsaw, and creating a fantastic piece of art.

A chainsaw carver of 35 years, Eddie said he started in the timber industry with a chainsaw, got his tree-fallers ticket and developed his skills into what we can see today.

"I can do human form, to animals, quirky things as well," he said.

"One of my recent pieces is a knight for a client, complete with armour, face shield and a sword.

"It started off as a hobby and now it's a business."

Visitors to his site can see a wombat on a dozer, a piece that took a month to do.

Mr Freeman even made the wooden fence around his site.

"The fencing here I cut myself in about ten hours," he said

"It's surprising how many people are interested in getting wood sculptures made.

Friday and Saturday, Mr Freeman will get the saw out to do some live demonstrations with a few surprises in store of what he will carve.

You can find Eddie's Chainsaw Sculptures at NN29 North-North Street, the site with the chainsaw on it.

Photos supplied by Annie Greene