Hudson talks Tasmania and Hawks


Hawthorn and Tasmanian footy legend, Peter Hudson has lived in Tasmania for most of his life and is still passionate about his state.

Hudson said that "3 consecutive premierships" are the highlight of his long career.

“But it’s the connection that makes the difference, Sam Mitchell in 2008 Luke Hodge and Alistair Clarkson all make a special mention of Tasmania on the biggest day in front of the biggest audience, it’s about the  Tasmania connection and there interaction and involvement within the Tasmanian community”

Hudson, has earned his legendary title by kicking 1,874 goals in senior matches traversing the period of 1963 to his final match in the 1981, Hudson has been the driving force of bring the AFL to Tasmania.

When talking about the future relationship of Tasmania and the Hawthorn Football Club, Hudson said “I would think it will continue to grow as it has done for the last 17 years.

“If you look back to where it began I was asked to head up a task force to bring AFL to Tasmania, the relationship between Ian Dicker and the late Premier Jim Bacon saw it come to life but that was 1 game,

“Now we have Hawthorn playing 4 roster games and a NAB match here in Launceston.”

The relationship to Tasmania and connecting with the Tasmanian people is important to Hudson.

“Bupa and Hawthorn have a strong Tasmanian connection and it’s important for us to be part of such an Iconic Tasmanian event and communicate with people,

“Bupa has been a proud sponsor of the Hawthorn football club for over 25 years and for the last 10 years we have worked side by side here at Agfest,” said Hudson.