Jersey Australia’s true love story


Geoff Hazelwood from Latrobe has been a Jersey farmer at heart since he was a small child.

Every year since 1985, Jersey Australia has had a site run by Jersey breeders from around the state “to showcase the Jerseys that are in the state”, he said.

Jersey cows are dairy cattle breed that is popular in Tasmania.

Mr Hazelwood has a pure Jersey herd, as well as a stud herd in Latrobe.

He said he became involved in the Jersey Australia site it is “one of the big things that we do every year”.

Mr Hazelwood’s love of cattle has been the driving force for his whole life.

 “Well, both my grandfathers were farmers, and my father was a builder but I always wanted to be a farmer,” he said. “When I was about four years old I got an offer from the stud breeder at Hagley, which is just down the road to lead calves at the show and break in the new calves. I think he asked my parents and two minutes later I was on my little bike and rode up to his place, and from there it started.”

“I have always had a love of cattle, particularly jerseys,” he said. “And that’s how it started.”

Mr Hazelwood attended “ag college” in the 1970s and when he returned to find work on Hagley farm, he discovered the Jersey herd that originally started his interest in the breed had been sold to a farm in Latrobe.

Mr Hazelwood followed those cows to the new farm where “that farmer had a very nice daughter and the rest was history”.

That was how Mr Hazelwood and his bride ended up in Latrobe.

He said he has always been interested in cows, particularly pedigree cattle.

“Jerseys were by far the most common breed – they were the days of cream and separated milk,” he said. “Most farms were mixed farms with pigs which they would feed the skim milk too and the cream to the butter factories.”

Farming is a very hard way of life with many troubles that one cannot plan for, especially Mother Nature, he said, adding that he has had to work hard to maintain his farm against flooding

This year in particularly challenging for dairy farmers.

“Given there was no spring, so we are all short of feed,” he said, adding that a drop in milk prices in recent weeks has been an added blow. 

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