Mother’s Day treasures at Agfest

It is just three days until Mother’s Day! Lucky Agfest Field days is a hotspot for handicrafts and gifts.

Take a wander around the TasNetworks craft pavilion and see what’s on offer for Mum.

In the midst of the craft sheds you will find Orchid Treasures selling some very unique jewellery, real orchids preserved in resin. Store owner Bree said she got the idea from gold dipped flowers that have been done in the past.

“Orchids are my favourite flower and I thought I wonder if I could replicate that concept with them,” said Bree.

The resin coating process takes at least a week per flower to complete.Several coats are applied to ensure the durability of the piece.

Sourced from Western Australia these orchids come in many tropical colours in the form of necklaces and earrings.
Orchid Treasures is located at D02 Pavilion D.

If you are after a card visit the dynamic duo Duncan and Helen, owners of The Little Card Boutique.

Crafted at their Melbourne home Duncan said it takes many early mornings and long nights of attaching tiny roses and fiddling with paper to create their cards.

To keep up with demand at the Arts Centre Melbourne Market as well as Agfest Duncan said they started making our Mother’s day cards in February.

The Little Card Boutique is located at A07 Pavilion A. 

Perry’s Lemon Myrtle Rainforest Products offer Australian made skincare products made from the Native Australian Spicy Lemon Myrtle.

The distinctively refreshing scent is all natural, extracted from the leaf itself. 

Business owner and lemon myrtle farmer David Perry has been coming to Agfest for six or seven years

“I have a large customer base here in Tasmania”, said Perry.

Perry’s Lemon Myrtle farm is located in the Mid North Coast NSW, a region that is favourable to the growth of Lemon Myrtle in its native environment.

Perry’s Lemon Myrtle Rainforest Products is located at C13 Pavilion C.