Happy as a Pig in Mud


Pigging out at the Mount Gnomon Farm stall with property owner Guy Robertson


Located behind the sea side town of Penguin, Mount Gnomon Farm is home to rare breeds of pigs known as the Wessex Saddleback and the Hampshire. 
Owner Guy Robertson said the breeds are two of the rarest big breeds in Australia.
The Hampshire is more muscular and the Wessex saddleback has more flavour and fat, he said.
These pigs are great in the Tasmanian environment because they can handle being out in the weather.
Mr Robertson said they are great pigs to work with.
Mount Gnomon Farm also run a volunteer program with participants from all around the world. 
“We’ve got three interns from overseas and agricultural students from France and Canada.” 
These lucky volunteers get to experience first hand what it is like to live and work on a farm. 
They are involved with food and other festivals, sausage making and caring for the pigs back at the farm. 
All the people working in the Mount Gnomon Farm stall at Agfest are either volunteers or students, with two young women flying in last night to participate in this agricultural experience. 
"We really try to take our produce to people, so Agfest is a way to do that," he said.
The Mount Gnomon Farm make all their own sausages with fresh ingredients produced on their farm. 
Their stall can be found on Main Street. 

Photograph by Annie Greene