The Tiny Horses of Agfest


Who can resist a herd of frolicking ponies? Not this reporter.

The Olympus Feeds Arena played host this afternoon to miniature ponies, miniature horses, shetland ponies, and their owners. Ponies and their people competed in egg-and-spoon races, sack races, and show jumping, just for the fun of it.

Costumed ponies!

Bailey Robinson leads miniature pony 'Mighty Samson' in an egg-and-spoon race at the Olympus Feeds Arena.

Bailey Robinson poses with miniature pony 'Mighty Samson' at the Olympus Feeds Arena.

Sack racing (with a twist)

Competitors in the pony and sack race line up at the Olympus Feeds Arena. Ponies chase after their humans, who are wearing old feed sacks for the race.

A competitor in the pony and sack race out-hops her pony.

Showjumping isn't just for big horses

Miniature horse 'Redcloud', led by Athol Elary, clears a jump.

Susie Direen fails to encourage Eddie, the shetland pony, to clear a jump.

Don't forget the baby ponies

Oreo, an 8-week-old miniature pony and general star of Agfest, relaxes after being in the spotlight.