Tough Voyage for Agfest Exhibitor


Agfest has kicked off amid drizzle, but for some exhibitors the weather is a vast improvement.

Monday night's rough Bass Strait crossing damaged several vehicles including at least one belonging to an Agfest exhibitor.

Tough As operations director Darren Lee said the company’s ute was damaged on both sides, but there was no other damage. 

“We had two other vehicles crash into it and we also crashed into a motorcycle,” he said. 

Looking on the bright side, Mr Lee said his vehicle, while superficially damaged, remained roadworthy. 

“It’s still drivable, which is good, so we could get to Agfest on time.”

Cars, trucks and other vehicles slid and crashed into one another during the particularly rough crossing from Melbourne on Monday night. 

However, Mr Lee praised the conduct of the Spirit of Tasmania crew.

“They were all very nice when it happened, and very helpful.”

Mr Lee remains optimistic about the forecast for the weekend. 

“Our products are perfectly suited for the rain and the mud, so we’re hoping people will love them.”

Tough-As is making its debut at Agfest and is situated at Site 1131b on Eleventh Avenue selling a variety of padded mats.