A second chance at life


The Greyhound Adoption Program work to re-home dogs across the state.

Ex-racing hounds are given a second chance at life thanks to the Greyhound Adoption Program. 
Leanne Hughes and Susan Gitters run the program.
 “Our aim is to re-home all the greyhounds that come through the program. We keep them till we find them a home,” Ms Hughes said.
Before the greyhounds are re-housed, their temperaments are assessed to be safe with small dogs and children.
They are then put in foster care for around 4-6 weeks in order to teach them about glass doors, vacuums cleaners, steps, and other basic aspects of the house life as they have never been in this environment before. 
They are then de sexed, microchip, vaccinated and also come with a lead and collar upon adoption.
Potential greyhound adopters may be concerned about controlling the dogs after they have retired from racing.
"They’ve got a short speed of energy as they are use to running 700 meters in 40 seconds. Once they have a bit of a bounce and run around they just become a couch potato,” she said.
Ms Hughes said that they don’t have any trouble adopting the dogs out, but finding a foster carer is quite difficult. 
People can help out the Greyhound Adoption program by becoming foster carers which allows more dogs to go through the program.
She said the Greyhound Adoption Program hopes that by this time next year they will be set up on their own property and Tasracing are looking at buying them a property to set up a better program.
Volunteer Noel Gibson said he loves greyhounds and owns five greyhounds himself. 
Mr Gibson and his wife make and sell dog coats and use the profit to buy materials to make more coats.
“All the dogs have their own characteristics and we wouldn’t swap them for a quid. Even if you wake up in the middle of the night with a cold wet nose in your ear.”
The Greyhound Adoption Program can be found at North-North street on site NN08
Photographs by Nikita McGuire