Who's wearing the pants at Agfest?


The Big Knicker Company have all of your knicker needs covered.

Bigger women deserve to be able to flaunt their "bootyful" body in style without looking like they are wearing granny pants, says the maker of beautiful underwear.
Zann Brown, owner of The Big Knicker Company said, being a big girl herself, she knows the struggles of trying to find appealing underwear
"I’ve spent decades shopping at Target and Kmart and standing there crying because all they have is white, black, pastel colours and ugly things with flowers. If I have to buy one more pair of these ugly things I’m going to throw myself under the next bus that comes past,” she said. 
This was Ms Brown’s motivation for beginning the company more than four years ago. 
She knew that there were no attractive knickers for big girls so she decided to jump straight in and The Big Knicker Company was born.
The very first pair of knickers that Ms Brown made were bright red and made from cotton and lycra.
“I still wear them. Four-and-a-half years later they are still in good condition, even after wash and wear.” 
She described them as being the most comfortable things in the universe and completely wedgie-proof.
Ms Brown has recently expanded her business to make singlet tops with matching spandex knickers. 
"People can wear them as bather bottoms and no one knows the difference,” she said.
The Big Knicker Company stocks sizes 16 through to 26. 
Ms Brown said that they are looking at making size 14s as well.
The Big Knicker Company is about women being able to feel beautiful in what they wear. 
“Big girls deserve colour and patterns. We deserve as many colours and patterns as the small girls do,” she said.
The big Knicker Company can be found in the craft pavilions.
Photograph by Nikita McGuire