Army war machine surprises patrons


Visitors to the Defence Force Recruiting tent at Agfest this year might be surprised to see a large piece of war fighting machinary parked out the back.

It has also been put through its paces on the Peter Brock Memorial 4WD track at the Agfest site.

The tank-like vehicle survived a rough transit on the Spirit of Tasmania, but the truck transporting it was damaged.

In order to get it to Agfest on time, the massive war machine was driven to the site to the surprise of many passersby.

Lance corporal Garreth Mackie, from the School of Armour in Puckapunyal, is one of the crew that brought the vehicle down for the display.

"It is an ASLAV, an Australian fighting vehicle," he said.

"To the general public its something that they don't see often, so it draws a lot of attention.

The combat reconaissance vehicle is mainly used to push forward the main battle group and gather information.

Its main armament is a 25mm M242 chain gun, with a MAG58 machine gun for support.

It requires a crew of three, but can carry up to six troops into battle.

The eight-wheel vehicle is designed to travel on rugged terrain or move on water with propellors.

This is only the second time a vehicle of this size has been brought to Tasmania.

Photo supplied by Annie Greene