Handsome ginger Gavin poster boy for not-for-profit


Just Cats Tasmania helps homeless and abandoned cats find new homes

Gavin’s feral days are over now that he is Just Cat's mascot.

Gavin is one of many homeless or abandoned cats that are taken into the Just Cats shelter for rehabilitation and then adoption.

Founder and operator Rachel Beech said Gavin has become a star of the program since he was handed over. 

“He was actually a feral cat found in someone’s yard and they rehabilitated him before surrendering him to the shelter,” she said. 

Gavin has remained at the Just Cats shelter ever since and has recently celebrated his first birthday.

Not only do those at the shelter love this ginger feline but so does everyone who meets him.

Gavin accompanies the not-for-profit organisation to educational talks at schools and events like Agfest and laps up all the attention.

“He’s got a good personality, he’s great with all the other cats,” said Ms Beech.

The organisation looks after all necessary veterinary work before the cats are put up for adoption and moved into new homes.

 “We have about 70 cats at any one time at the shelter,” she said, adding that with the help of foster carers the organisation can care up to 90 cats at one time.

One of the primary roles of Just Cats is educating the public on the importance of de-sexing their felines to reduce the amount of unwanted kittens in Tasmania.

Kitten season which runs from about November to April has just passed so there aren’t as many cats coming into the shelter at this time, she said.

“It’s a good time of year."

People are able to sponsor cats by paying for the de-sexing, which helps reduce the cost of adoption when they are moved to a new home.

“We enjoy it," she said. "It’s very rewarding.”  

Photo supplied by Annie Greene