KAAP caps off Agfest


Looking for something to entertain the kids? KAAP have it covered.

The Kids Agricultural Awareness Program is running children’s activities throughout Agfest.

KAAP is providing family day-care with a variety of games aimed at all children from toddlers to early teens.

Activities include Mothers’ Day card making, a handprint tree, drawing, a sandpit and a science experiment focused on sugar levels in drinks and fruit.

‘We talk about why producers would want to measure sugar levels, how they go about it and how it affects consumers,’ said volunteer Ashley Evans.

‘I did have a little four-year-old yesterday tell me she’s going to be an agricultural scientist, so I was pretty happy with that.’

There is also an ‘Ag Match-Up’ game, where kids match pictures of raw produce to the end product they might find in a supermarket.

Children – and grown-ups – also have the opportunity create a wax mould of their hand at the KAAP stall.

Twins Isabella and Sophie Sherriff said they were having heaps of fun at Agfest.

Some of their favourite things included getting wax hands, craft and playing in the sandpit.

They also enjoyed seeing all the animals at Agfest.

‘I saw some birds and I saw some little chicks and roosters,’ Sophie said.

The girls’ father said that while Agfest is a great family day out, it was nice to have somewhere to relax while the kids had some fun.

‘It is good when you’ve got somewhere you can take kids and you can sit down yourself,’ he said.

‘If your kids are tired and cranky, you don’t have a good day.’

Kids can get their Student Learning Trail Passport stamped at the KAAP stall.

Passports are available from the ticket boxes, KAAP or the UTAS site.

If they collect ten or more stamps, kids can go to the UTAS marquee at site 404 on Fourth Avenue to get a certificate.


KAAP is an initiative of the The Family Day Care Council of Tasmania. Their stall can be found at Site 908 on Ninth Avenue.

Sophie (left) and Isabella Sherriff measure sugar levels at the KAAP stall