Local champion fights for record


Agfest crowds saw a record breaking springboard competition at the Stihl Timbersports Australia site.

The crowd cheered on Brad De Losa, from NSW, chopped holes into the vertical log to place steps in and clamber up to cut through the top section.

As the top of the log fell, the crowd gasped in disbelief as Mr De Losa's time of 43.18 seconds beat that of Tasmanian champion Matt Gurr's Australian record time.

Matt Gurr, a professional wood chopper, had his chance to regain his record when he faced Queenslander Mitch Argent.

Pressing the blade of his axe against the soft Tasmanian wood before commencing, Mr Gurr seemed in a zen-like state.

As the contest begun, Mr Gurr hacked away, determined to reclaim his title.

He lost a second when he was grabbing the first board, but seemed to be making good time.

The crowd held their breath in anticipation as both men madly chopped away at their logs.

As Mr Gurr finished his cut, it was uncertain if his finish time was going to defeat the new record.

After careful review of the footage, the judges made the call that Mr Gurr finished in 45.19 seconds - just 0.01 second off the new record

Mr Gurr admitted that missing the first board cost him that important second.

"Seconds are valuable when you have to cut that fast," he said.

The winner of five rounds around Australia will go on to compete in Germany in the 2016 Stihl Timbersports World Championship later this year.

Saturday's Tasmanian State Championship events include the springboard from 10am and the terrifying hotsaw from 1:15.