People at Agfest who are having more fun than you


Pat Richards and Sue Atkinson, pictured above shopping at Perry's Lemon Myrtle Rainforest Products, are having more fun than you. Probably because they're at Agfest and you're at work and not at Agfest. 

Remember, the Agfest Field Days are on tomorrow too, so come down, buy a walking stick (they're A Thing, apparently) and join the throngs of fun-loving maniacs hanging out and getting muddy.

These rare black alpacas just want to be your friend

Whoever said alpacas were cranky was wrong. These fluffy little guys are actually thinking about starting a boy band.

These kids know exactly what they want.

And Mac Edwards and Harry Gay want this giant tractor.

This kid is pretty happy to be hanging with this cat

Mathilda Cameron, 5, makes friends with Gavin, a friendly kitty at Just Cats Tasmania.

This Navy Band just loves to rock out. On the trumpet.

Notable numbers were 'Valerie' by Amy Winehouse and 'We Will Rock you' by Queen.

If you hang out in the UTAS tent, you'd make Mumford the UTAS lion really happy.

Seriously. He's dancing with excitement just at the thought of all the cool displays you'll get to see.