Photography that comes from the heart


Travelling, photographic couple show off their wonderful pictures of Australia.

Love and photography go hand in hand for married couple Leonie and Brian Robinson.

Travelling around the country together and taking photographs is what they love to do, but their love for each other is just as strong. 

They met at an olden day dance and were married when Leonie was just 17 and Brian was a 21-year-old serviceman in the army.

Now married for 44-and-a-half years, they have travelled around Australia selling their photographs.

Leonie says Agfest is a great way to promote their business and loves sharing her snaps, with Brian handcrafting the wooden frames the photographs come in.

This talented duo love showing off the beautiful landscapes and animals Australia has to offer. 

“Its been really great, we have come here now for six years now from Victoria," she said. "Its showing people what a fantastic country we have got. We are tourism."

Leonie got her first camera when she was in late primary school, but didn’t get into selling her pictures until 1996. 

 She said that each photo is special and unique and there is "a story to every photo". 

“The trek up to Craig’s Hut in the snow was a challenge," she said, laughing. "We kept falling over in the snow. It was the best two days Brian had ever taken off work”. 

Leonie’s Photographic Images is located at site 917 on South Avenue.