Racing dreams at University of Tasmania Motorsport


University of Tasmania Motorsport are a team of hardworking university students putting their skills into action

Designing, building and racing formula style cars is what UTas Motorsport do best.

Comprising of engineering and business students, the motorsport team put all that theory they have learnt at university into a real world project.

The students work throughout the year designing the car before manufacturing and putting it together to race in the Formula SAE Australasia engineering event held in December each year.

David Willems, ergonomics and electronics team member, said the team are working hard to improve on their 15/30 place achieved at the 2015 competition.

“This year the team is split into two sections, we now have a team working on a fully electric car to hopefully compete in 2017 or 2018 at the latest as well as rebuilding our internal combustion car which is an evolution of our 2015 car,” Mr Willems said.

This upgraded formula style car is on display at Agfest for motoring enthusiasts to check out and children to sit in.

Mr Willems said the 2015 car has been upgraded and improved in almost every way.

Some of the improvements include cutting down of weight, using paddle shifting instead of hand shifting and working on the car’s aerodynamics.

Aerodynamic wings were designed and manufactured last year but unfortunately didn’t make it onto the car in time for the competition.

Agfest is a great networking event for the team as they have the opportunity to showcase their achievements to the Tasmanian community.

“We have had a lot of interest, it’s been busy all day,” said Mr Willems.

“Both with the kiddos on our racing simulator and others interested in the car itself.”

UTas Motorsport are located within the UTAS tent at site 404 on Fourth Avenue.