Picture perfect at Agfest


Struggling Artists make a go of a future in illustration at Agfest

Intricately painted pottery and paintings that jump off the pages, is what draws passer-by’s to the Struggling artist site.

The Struggling Artist club started a couple of years ago when not gaining employment after graduation was quickly becoming their reality.

Founding member, Krystal Clancy said the students banded together to help continually supporting each other as Artists,

Miss Clancy explained that as a club they started off visiting very small markets and fairs around Tasmania, and now started to diverse into larger markets and events such as Agfest.

“The main thing is that we can all split the funds of something that may cost a lot individually and that we all help each other out with funds and equipment and putting in our fair share so everyone does their part” said Miss Clancy

She said the club offers a lot of support because “entering the workforce is quite hard” for artists.

Miss Clancy said they started with three members.

"However it looks like it could start growing, as we have had some interest from other people in a similar situation.” 

She said they work as individuals, but the group supports each other.

“It would be nice to travel even to the mainland, to see what avenues are open there” she said. “We are all doing the market circuit, as well as looking for jobs in illustration."

“It is about trying every little thing there is, we are still young and growing."

Pointing to at least three of her projects, Miss Clancy said she "tries to do everything at once."

"I would very much like to take my Alice in Wonderland illustration series and actually print it all into a book and release that.

“I would like to do a lot of illustration of story books in general, I don’t think I will ever stop doing these markets – it is fun and good to meet and interact with people” said Miss Clancy.