Kids safety is high-vis for Schumann


Aussie Kids at Work is a Tasmanian business which prioritises the safety of our "future resources".

Aussie Kids at Work is a Tasmanian business totally focused on kids’ safety.

Creator Dianne Schumann said her passion for children’s safety comes from having children around her.

“I have kids, I’ve got grandkids, I’ve got granddaughters who now have acreage and are out on the motorbikes and it’s just that the fact is there are too many farm accidents involving kids," she said. “This is mainly because parents don’t see them when backing out vehicles, it’s just a passion I have to keep kids safe.”

Her  idea for making for high-vis clothing for kids was seeing the younger ones wanting to dress like their parents.

The business caters for kids sizes up to size 12 because the younger children might not understand safety, but they do want to wear what mummy or daddy are wearing.

Ms Schumann has been selling the kids clothing for 18 months and, by the sounds of it, she is on to a good thing.

“I haven’t actually had one negative feedback, it’s been absolutely amazing,” she said, clearly enjoying the feedback from Agfest. "People love it, they love the fact they can see their kids from a mile away."

As a first timer at Agfest, Ms Schumann said she wasn’t sure what to expect.

“I’m really happy with the response I’ve had from the people going past, even if they aren’t buying,” she said.

Aussie Kids at Work can be found at site H13 in Pavilion H and there you can find baby overalls (pictured above) which are so exclusive they are not even advertised on the business’ webpage.