From Trash to Treasure


Envorinex, helping Tasmanian farmers recycle their rubbish.



Tasmanian farmers usually dispose of their rubbish by landfills, burning or burying it. 
Envorinex managing director said the company provides an alternative by turning plastics into consumables.
“We collect waste plastic, recycle it and then turn it into pellets. Then we manufacture the pellets into new products. We make products such as lattice, truss bases, fence posts and all that sort of thing from waste plastic,” she said.
The company is based in George Town and they operate all around Tasmania.
Ms Brown said that they will travel to farms and remove the rubbish free of charge.
Envorinex collect silage wrap, bulk a bags, fertiliser bags and 200 litre drums.
“We advised the farmers to register with us. Then they put the silage wrap into bags and let us know when they have enough bags for us to do a trip in their area.
The factory has been operating since the 1970s, but we didn’t begin manufacturing recycling materials until 2010, she said.
"Envorinex is in a growing industry and has been flat out in the last six months,”  she said.
Agfest has provided great opportunity for Envorinex with numerous farmers showing interest in the company collecting their waste, she said.
Envorinex can be found in North Street at site N96A