Birds of a feather


Agfest is something to feel cocky about...

Patrons on the first day Agfest were greeted with a colourful welcome by a pair of feathered friends.

Livestock Feed's Anthony Rowe wandered the Agfest paths with two birds and one large smile. 

“The black bird is a red-tailed black cockatoo,” he said. "This particular species is from Western Australia. The big blue and gold fellow is a macaw, and they originate from South America."

Mr Rowe said having the pair of birds on display at Agfest was a great way to raise awareness about how pet birds can be cared for.

 “A lot of families with kids do have a lot of animals, so it’s good to educate them on a good nutritional feed and how to generally look after them.

He said he loves Agfest as a chance to meet people and to discuss what they need for their animals.

“I really enjoy showcasing our animals too, because not a lot of people get to see these animals up close."