A one of a kind stall - I ain't lion


Animals that wont bite!

One of the quirkiest and colourful exhibits at this years Agfest is Gazzman’s Zoo.

Owner Garry Walker describes his stall as "Keepers of Farm, Safari and Native Australian Animals and Birds" on his stall that houses statues of animals great and small imported from the Philippines.

Garry Walker’s menagerie has grown from a hobby to a large collection for sale to the public. 

“I bought some for my house and it grew from there,” he said. 

Mr Walker said the stall has been a big hit with kids and the parents as well.

Gazzman’s Zoo includes gorillas, giraffes, dinosaurs, lions, reindeer and every type of animal you can imagine.

Based in St Helens, Mr Walker runs a furniture shop where people can find the animals for sale. 

 “I haven’t seen anyone go out without a smile on their face today," he said, adding that he hopes Agfest will give more and more people joy from his animal obsession.