Girl Guides Tasmania Empowering Young Women

"They may find their spark with us."

Girl Guides Tasmania have set up their annual stall at Agfest to encourage young girls to join their program.

Acting State Commissioner of Girl Guides Tasmania, Jane Dent and her team are selling their famous biscuits to raise money. 
"The money goes towards supporting our program to drive young girls to become empowered young women,” she said.
“The idea is that they will become confident and self-reliant,”
“They will become contributing community members for our future and that they will build a better world.” Ms. Dent said. 
The service started over 20 years ago for the Rural Youth Agfest Committee, providing services for lost children.
Girl Guides Tasmania is still continuing that service and Agfest is a great opportunity to reach a broad range of people.
“The market for Agfest is for all exhibiters - a variety of people from all walks of life so that’s where we can come in,” Ms. Dent said.
“It’s connecting with our communities to show we are still a vibrant part of their communities.” 
The stall is set up to also engage with parents and inform them of the opportunities that are available for their daughters.
“We have programs that are girl led - the girls choose what they would like to do,” Ms. Dent said.
“They may find their spark with us.”