On for young and old


Many of the faces at Agfest are volunteers, such as Rotary veteran, Geoff Dickinson

As the cheerful sun shines over Agfest, Geoff Dickinson is proudly waving the Australian flag as he says g’day to the passerbyers.

Mr Dickinson has been a member of the West Tamar Rotary Club for 17 years and has been involved in numerous club activities.

“This club tries to do as much as it can in the West Tamar for youth. But we also support eye surgery in Nepal, several students in Africa and lots of little people who ask,” he said.

The Rotary club is for all, the young and old. There is even a group known as Rotaract for members under 30 years. 

This service club is fun and involving, he said.

“We try to find people who are, not necessary disadvantaged but not on top of the world." 

The West Tamar Rotary Club puts in an exceptional amount of effort to be at Agfest each year.

The profits made from their site go into all their projects.

Sausages are a big seller, with over thousands selling through the three days.

Mr Dickinson said expensive, fancy food isn’t always the best option.

“We’re catering for the bloke who’s got a family," he said. "They can afford to eat at least a sausage”.

The West Tamar Rotary Club can be found at 824, 8th Avenue.