Agfest musos get patrons in the groove

What music is on at Agfest this year?

Patrons of Agfest enjoyed the sweet sounds of three live music performances today at the Central Arena. 

The music kicked off at 10.30am with a performance by the famous Tasmanian Navy Band, who rocked the audience with old classics including “Living On A Prayer”, “Seven Nation Army” and “Funkytown”.

Audiences then enjoyed a change of tone with the smooth acoustic tunes of Jerome Hillier.

After another electric performance from the Navy Band, David Lee ended the music for the day with some old-fashioned country classics as well as a few originals.

Mr Lee has never played at Agfest, but after some encouragement from his wife was motivated to perform.

“I’ve always been too nervous to play at Agfest, but after some prodding from the missus I decided I would and I really enjoyed it!” he said. “I’ve always loved playing music, I first started when I was 13. I was really influenced by artists like Mel Haggart, George Jones and even Charlie Pride who I listened to a lot when I was younger.”

You can catch The Royal Australian Navy Band (12pm) and David Lee (1.45) at the Central Arena tomorrow for the final day of Agfest 2017.