Scholarship gives Rural Youth a boost in Agribusiness


A new degree for rural Tasmanians announced yesterday

A new $1000 scholarship to support a Rural Youth member's studies in a new Univeristy of Tasmania degree was announced yesterday.

The Associate Degree in Agribusiness is a two-year degree providing formal training in agriculture. 

Rural Youth president Ashley Evans said the organisation encourages young people to take up education in the agriculture sector.

“Rural Youth is all about encouraging our members to develop, whether it is in formal training or in those soft skills like communication or conflict resolution.

“With the development of the new associate degree in Agribusiness, we saw the opportunity to really help somebody that wants to take on that degree and to encourage people to go study.”

“The thousand dollars can go towards anything the recipient needs to achieve that degree, whether that is buying books, or helping with accommodation expenses - we really just want to provide a hand-up to people.”

Ms Evans said that applications for the scholarship would open in the next couple of months.

UTas associate degrees principal Janelle Allison said the partnership with Agfest is "an absolutely terrific experience”.

“We have built a very important relationship with Rural Youth,” she said. “Rural Youth have identified that UTas’s new Agribusiness associate degree would be a terrific program for some of their members to participate in, and so have decided to offer this scholarship - which is just fantastic.”

Ms Allison said that the new degree encourages students to visit Tasmania's agribusiness's both to practise applying the skills taught in the degree.

“The first term of the new Agribusiness course is now finished and we visited up to 8 Agri-businesses in the north-west region,” she said. “This $1000 scholarship will be wonderful in terms of assisting the students as they travel to our workshops which are often on farms, or in industries.”