Anyone can be a lifesaver this winter

Most Tasmanians who drown are over 43 years

Winter is a busy time for Royal Life Saving Tasmania.

Executive director Paula Robertson said drowning in the winter months is the unknown killer. 

"Coming into winter, we actually have the most amount of drownings in Tasmania," said Ms Robertson.

Men over the age of 43 are at the biggest risk and make up 83% of drownings.

"A lot of people think about drownings on the beach, but they don't actually realise that in Tasmania the majority of our drownings actually happen in rivers and inland waterways, and particularly in winter," she said. 

"The Great Lakes can be down to 10 degrees, so if you hit that water not wearing a life jacket, you don't have a lot of time."

"We're not saying don't have fun, we're just saying you wouldn't drink if you jumped in a car, so don't drink if you jump in a boat," she said. 

One in four of these men wil have consumed alcohol and are blowing over the legal limit, Ms Robertson said. 

Royal Life Saving Society Tasmania are raising awareness of water safety with their Respect the River campaign.

The campaign urges people to wear life jackets, avoid consuming alcohol near water, to not swim alone, and to learn how to save a life. 

For more information visit Royal Life Saving Society at Site 802A, or online at