Country girl makes Agfest her tradition


"Go to the Mercury tent and get your photo taken for $3, it's like 'guess who I saw at Agfest'"

Alarna Page, 19, has been coming to Agfest every year since she was 10-years-old.

Agfest has become a tradition she plans to keep.

She lives south of Hobart at Wattle Grove in the Huon Valley.

"Being in a rural area and living on the farm makes me quite a country girl," she said.

Ms Page usually comes to Agfest with her family, but this year she came with her partner.

Her family have a history in agriculture and this influences her love of Agfest.

Her father manages cattle on their family farm and her mother's family were dairy farmers.

"I just like getting out and having a good day, buying some things, especially Mother's Day gifts," she said. "It's a wonderful experience".

"Go to the Mercury tent and get your photo taken for $3, it's like 'guess who I saw at Agfest'. It's my tradition to get the photo taken so I have every photo for the last nine years" she said.

"I love looking at the motorbikes and getting free boot waxes as I walk through the gate," Ms Page said. She said the craft sheds are good and she especially likes looking at the jewellery.

"Pretty good Agfest this year," Ms Page said, highlighting that she was excited to see Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman and David Foster, a professional wood chopper.

"The weather isn't too bad today, it would be good if the clouds lifted," she said, adding, "the weather has been good this year compared to other years which are normally muddy and raining."

Ms Page finished off saying "kids love jumping puddles, but not today, maybe tomorrow".