DonateLife: encouraging Agfest goers to register

“One person who becomes an organ donor can help up to ten people”

Tasmanians are one of the highest organ donars in Australia, but DonateLife says we still need more people to register.
Nurses and co-ordinators Kim Lecuyer and Jan Robinson are encouraging people to sign the national organ donor register and to share this with their families. 
“We would like to inform the community of how important organ and tissue donation is - and how rare it is,” Ms Lecuyer said. “One person who becomes an organ donor can help up to ten people.”
“We make sure everyone is aware and that it’s really important to let your family know what your wishes,” she said. 
Every year 1500 Australians wait for an organ transplant, according to DonateLife.
Many die before getting the organs they need.
“Tasmania is the second highest registration for organ and tissue donation in Australia,” Ms Robinson said.
“We are doing really well here but we would like to encourage everybody to register.”
“It’s a very important thing and there are a lot of generous Tasmanian families and people in the community,” Ms Lecuyer said. 
You can register at the stall at Agfest or online at