Equality: an important conversation

“Even if people walk past and just read our signs, the words stick with them”

“We are not all the same but we are equal.”

Equal Opportunity Tasmania wants us all to think about discrimination.

Training officer Louise Adams said

 “Everyone has rights under the anti-discrimination law," she said. "It's about treating people fairly."

 With thousands of people passing by today, Ms Adams hopes their exhibt will get people talking and thinking about the harsh reality that some people are seen as lesser.

 With patrons at Agfest coming from all backgrounds it is a great opportunity for the stall to try and make a difference.

From the city to the country to the coast, people from all walks of life will be in the one place, which is great for spreading the issue of equal rights.

 “We are getting to a group of people that aren’t all big city based, people from everywhere come to Agfest, so its a great time to have a chat with those who we normally wouldn’t see” she said.