Rugging up for winter


Suitable for lambs, calves, kid goats and alpaca crias, these rugs have a great design for keeping warm

It would take a farmer to think of designing a rug with its own heatpad.

Margaret Egan has been selling her rugs for nearly three years and sends them all around the world.

"Being an old farmer, I understand the money for farmers," she said. "I think it's just a good investment because you can't replace a dead animal, because once it's dead it's dead, there's that farmer's profit gone."

This year is her first at Agfest.

"I've had a good result at Agfest, alot of people are coming in," said Ms Egan.

The rugs are designed with a pouch that holds a heated pad for up to 12-hours of warmth.

"I've worked on them for a lot of years to get the design right," Ms Egan said.

The rugs can help prevent hypothermia, pneumonia, and other complications in newborn lambs, calves, kid goats and alpaca crias, she said, adding that caring for young animals can be tiring and the rugs make caring easier and can reduce veterinary expenses.

They are waterproof, windproof, breathable and odourless, she said, and they are being used in freezing conditions in places such as Canada.

There is a wide range of sizes and prices range from $30 - $95.

Premature Calf Rugs are also available for $70.

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