The rare and beautiful


The Lees family are always on the hunt for hidden treasure.

When Christo and Melissa Lees to go treasure hunting, it's not a game they play to amuse their kids -  the Lees family like to hunt for something rare and beautiful.

Mr Lees said the family travels around Tasmania and the rest of the world searching for material that they can transform into beautiful jewellery. 

“We find sapphires in the North East, North West. Gold on the West Coast. Manfurn and fossil-wood down at Loone river and on the East Coast.”

They have just spent four months travelling around Asia discovering the beautiful treasures of Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, China and India.

This obsession with gems and rocks began at a young age for Mr Lee.

“All my life I had neighbours that dug up gemstones and I liked them so they gave them to me so from there I kind of started,” he said.

These jewellery piece can be found in Salamanca and over 10 galleries around Tasmania and the Lee family and their gems are here at Agfest, too.