Fencing's new best friend

Droppa-Mate is a tool designed to make fencing easier, and is making its debut at Agfest

“Droppa-Mate takes away the old traditional way of applying wooden droppers to a fence," says  Droppa-Mate’s inventor Grant Youd. "It used to be that you would have your mate on the other side of the fence holding up a sledgehammer."

“He needs to hold a sledgehammer horizontal to the fence, which isn’t easy for hours and hours.”

The Droppa-Mate is designed with a shock-absorbing handle and a base that can be pushed into the ground for stability.

It is held against the back of the dropper while wire is stapled to the post.

Mr Youd said he came up with the idea about a year ago, when his wife refused to help him with fencing because she didn’t want to use a sledgehammer.

“It was on a needs basis,” he laughed.

The tool makes fencing not only easier, but safer.

“It’ll certainly make it easier from an OH&S point of view,” said Mr Youd.

Fencing is responsible for countless manual handling injuries, often in the wrists and back, but the Droppa-Mate promises to relieve much of that pain.

Droppa-Mate is located at Site NN32 on North North Street.