Three cheese toastie review: the cheesiest of them all


A perfect amount of cheese oozes out of the bread and melts in your mouth

Cheese lovers can indulge in a meltingly delicious cheese toastie from the Ashgrove stall in the Betta Milk Unique Tastes Pavilion.

The toasties are packed with a combination of three, flavoured cheeses: smokey bacon, jalapeño and pickled onion, held together with Cripps bread, making the toastie a true Tassie treat.

With a spread of creamy Ashgrove butter on the top, the toastie is crunchy and satisfying for a cold Agfest day. 

The deliciousness of Ashgrove cheese comes from the quality of the milk and the blending of traditional techniques with modern methods when treating curds.
The cheese rests and is left to mature which develops taste, texture, appearance and aroma. 
After sampling a gooey cheese toastie, here are our thoughts. 
Review ratings:
Cheesiness: 10/10
A perfect amount cheese oozes out of the bread and melts in your mouth.
Crunch: 9/10
The butter and the cooking time results in them being toasted to crunchy perfection. 
Taste: 10/10
The combination of three cheeses was super creamy with a salty undertone; perfect for anyone cheese obsessed. 
Quality: 10/10
The quality of Ashgrove dairy products is very high with the dairy winning many awards. 
Aroma: 8/10
Naturally, hot melted cheese smells great. No need to explain that one. 
Customer service: 10/10
The two lovely ladies at the stall were enthusiastic, answered our many cheese related questions and cooked up yummy toasties. 
Judges' appraisal:
The Agfest media team were very impressed with the Three-Cheese Toasties and encourages every single cheese enthusiast to take the cheese plunge. 
Kasey: “A highlight of our Agfest food experience and we seriously want another one.”
Emi: “It warmed my soul.”