Official Statement - Agfest public holiday

Agfest's position on the proposed Agfest public holiday

The Agfest Organising Committee is disappointed to see the recent decline in support of Tasmanian Agricultural Shows.

We believe that Agfest offers a distinctly different product to an Agricultural Show and that local Agricultural Shows are important institutions for the community. There is space in the market for both Agfest Field Days and Agricultural Shows to co-exist. 

This is a complex issue and as such the Agfest committee has sought considerable feedback from our stakeholders, including exhibitors, volunteers, patrons and sponsors. The overwhelming majority of people surveyed do not support a public holiday for Agfest.

We recognise that an Agfest public holiday would make it easier for some patrons to attend our event. However, given the feedback we have received and the implications for Agfest we cannot support the call for a public holiday.

This decision is outside of our jurisdiction and is in the hands of local and state government.  To date the Agfest committee has not been approached by representatives of either administration to provide feedback on this topic.  

For further enquires please contact Breeanna House, Agfest Media and Promotions Manager on 0448 344 380