Official Statement - Appointment of Teen Challenge Tasmania as our Charity of Choice 2018

Agfest’s position on the appointment of Teen Challenge Tasmania as our Charity of Choice for 2018

 The Agfest Organising Committee have recently been approached by the Meander Area Residents and Ratepayers Association Inc and other concerned individuals in regards to the decision to appoint Teen Challenge Tasmania as our Charity of Choice for Agfest 2018.

As a consequence, we met with Teen Challenge Tasmania and spoke to individuals and school representatives where the organisation has worked directly with them over an extended period.  All confirmed the information provided in their initial application and were glowing in their praise of the #NotEvenOnce and Connections Mentoring Program as positive programs which give young people information and tools to meet some of the challenges they face, particularly in regards to drug and alcohol abuse.  Teen Challenge Tasmania are a faith based organisation, however the abovementioned programs are secular in nature, as confirmed by the recipients we spoke to.

It is appropriate that the location of the proposed Home of Hope is settled by the Meander Valley Council, local residents and the relevant authorities, not the Agfest Committee, therefore we will not add to this debate.

After careful consideration Teen Challenge Tasmania will remain our Charity of Choice for Agfest this year.

We realise that some may vehemently disagree with this decision and we accept their right to do so, however we respectively ask that we are afforded the same courtesy.

For further enquires please contact our Administration Office on 6331 6154.