Official Statement - Exhibitor Selection Process


The Exhibitor selection process is extensive and every effort is made to ensure we have a good mix of old and new exhibitors each year. The Application process for Agfest is open from October 1 to December 1 annually for the following years Agfest.

Applications are assessed and sites allocated by our team in December and January.    The Exhibitor Manager along with the coordinators of the Unique Tastes, Equine Expo and Craft Pavilions, who each allocate their own area, this is a complex process, which takes considerable time.

All completed applications are assessed on a number of points including, but not limited to;

-          Quality of the application, information available about the product or service.

-          Type of product or service on offer and the fit of the product or service for the event.

-          Size and type of the site requested- will it fit in the ‘Agfest Jigsaw puzzle’

-          If the applicant is new or returning and the quality of their site in previous years if returning.

In 2018, 1010 applications were submitted and only 709 were successful. Being a previous exhibitor does not guarantee the applicant a site as the Committee strives to create a nice balance of old and new each year.

This ensures that the event continues to evolve and keep patrons interested. Applications are only able to be assessed on information that is provided to the Committee, not on past experience..

Applications are received from international, interstate and local exhibitors, we try to accommodate as many Tasmanian businesses as possible.

The number of Tasmanian Exhibitors over the last five years averages at 68.71% with numbers remaining around that level consistently. In 2018 67.70% of exhibitors are Tasmanian which is slightly higher than 2017. There is no trend of decreasing the percentage of local exhibitors.

For 2018 we have given Tasmanian craft exhibitors a unique chance to showcase their goods together in two of the Pavilions. Two further Pavilions will remain a mix of exhibitors and the fifth Pavilions is now focused on home wares and lifestyle products.