Big Knickers breaking stereotypes at Agfest


Zann Brown of the Big Knicker Company continues to fight the “granny undie” stereotypes with her fun, colourful, cheeky designs for plus sized women.

“Big girls don’t get the option for nice knickers.” 

After endless shopping trips to department stores looking for stylish, fun and comfortable underwear, Zann Brown was frustrated that there was nothing like this in her size. “What they had were granny undies”.

”I wished someone would make colourful knickers in my size” said Zann.

Hoping to break the stereotype surrounding “granny undies”, Zann decided to create something colourful, cheeky and most importantly, comfortable.

Six years ago Zann began the Big Knicker Company, designing and producing knickers in sizes ranging from 14 to 26; with no plainly coloured knickers in sight.

All of the knickers are handmade by Zann herself, but she outsourced her patterned fabrics and spandex from America and Queensland to get more or a variety into her range. 

Zann said the inspiration for some of her more scandalous knickers come from the Wicked vans from around Tasmania.

This is her fifth year at Agfest and Zann says that it gets better and better every year; she hopes that 2018 is no exception. 

She believes passionately in her “million-dollar idea” and wants women everywhere to support the Big Knicker Company as it continues to grow and gain more loyal customers. 

“I think Bonds may even come and buy me out, because I’m catering to a niche market they seem to be neglecting.” 

Zann’s creations can be found in the craft pavillion on all three Agfest field days.