Company from the ‘big smoke’ hopes to crack the Tasmanian market, with help from social media


Saddle & Co expanding across Bass Strait

Saddler & Co have travelled from Dubbo to showcase their leather work at Agfest 2018.
Husband and wife Bede and Jemima Aldridge started 12 years ago making custom saddles but have now branched out into leather accessories including handbags and wallets.

Jemima, who is in charge of the branding says “social media allows us to tell our own story and keeping an old trade alive with a modern twist.

“It also helps us to reach people who appreciate a good quality product, who are looking to buy something they will have for years to come.”

Their timeless pieces are crafted with elegance and sophistication which will stand the test of time.

Not only do they produce lovingly crafted leather accessories, they also produce horse saddles, reins, leads, whips and belts.

Saddler & Co are located in the Equine Expo area.