High Hopes for Rescue Free Jumping Horse


Free Jumper Isobel Christian rode her rescue horse Marmaduke at the Equine Expo

Free Jumper Isobel Christian and her rescue horse Marmaduke showed patrons at the Equine expo how he went from being a nervous, unbroken horse to performing in front of a large crowd.

The warm-blood cross thoroughbred horse was rescued three years ago when he was 6 years old. 

When he was rescued, Marmaduke had a body score of 1.5 out of 9. Ms Christian says, “for anyone who is not horsey, that’s about half a point off lying down and not getting back up.”

“When I first got him, he was so scared that if you made any sudden movement, he would run through every single fence. He literally went through a tree at one stage and broke it.”

“He was basically completely unhandled and was the equivalent of going out into the paddock, picking out a wild horse and just taking it home.”

Marmaduke has made progress over the three years he has been cared for by Ms Christian, a Tasmanian horse-riding competitor.

Since then, Marmaduke has been in competitions within Pony Club, such as show-jumping, cross-country and state trials, ever since he started his first season. Marmaduke qualified for the state trials and he hasn’t been eliminated since.

Today, Ms Christian rode Marmaduke bareback and bridle, with the hopes of calming him down and settling him into the new environment. The bridle kept both Ms Christian and Marmaduke safe as she says, “Horses are horses, and every day can be a little bit different.”

Ms Christian hopes that by allowing Marmaduke to be calm with the surroundings, she can take his bridle off.

While Ms Christian wasn’t able to take Marmaduke’s bridle this time, she will be at Agfest Until Saturday with 5 more shows to go, where she hopes you will come to see the duo showing off their Free Jumping.