Junior cattle handling a first for Agfest


Students from rural Tasmanian schools learning the tricks of the trade.

Students from all corners of the state have participated in the first ever inclusion of junior cattle handling at Agfest in 2018.

On the opening day of the agricultural field days, students from Jordan River, Exeter, Tasman and Yolla competed in a cattle handling competition.

Judges were looking for the team of students that worked the best together.

Ashtyn Willey, Lizzy Shoebridge and Ruby Hull, all students from Tasman District School, took out the top prize in the inaugural competition.

Grade 9 student, Ashtyn, 14, says she has been handling cattle for about a year.

“I love getting to work with the animals. We broke in the cows at the end of last year,” she said.

“It is pretty cool to experience the first one at Agfest.”

Ashtyn says a new teacher at Tasman District introduced the students to the practice.

“It is really important to all work together. We wouldn’t have been able to this without everyone else in our team,” she said.

“We are all really close friends, that’s why we work together well.”

The students also competed in the very first Agfest Junior Farmer Challenge, with cow tagging, straw tying and team work activities testing their rural skills.

Junior cattle handling demonstrations continue on Friday and Saturday at 10:00am and 2:30pm at the Central Arena, on the corner of Main Street and Fourth Avenue.