Scoot Boot bring global success to Agfest


Global market leader Scoot Boot bring their unique hoof boots to Agfest for the second time.

From it’s beginnings in Acton Park Tasmania in 2015, Scoot Boot now leads it’s market in the UK and across Europe. 

Scoot Boot produces hoof boots for horses, a safer, healthier substitute to the centuries-old practise of nailing shoes onto horses’ feet. They provide protection from dangerous and potentially harmful debris on the ground.

The Scoot Boot is unlike any other hoof boot on the market. Made from German sourced thermoplasticurathence materials, they are lightweight, durable and breathable. 

“It’s sleek, it’s unique, it’s the one capsule. There are no components to break off... as opposed to other boots which are made to fit like gum boots,” says Scoot Boot Sales and Marketing Director Annette Kaitinis.

”Scoot Boots are the Nike boots of the horse world.”

Scoot Boots are suitable for all horses, and are designed for regular riding, rough terrain walking and rehabilitation. The company is currently expanding their range into slim boots, skins accessories and products.

The company are launching in America soon with a warehouse in Dallas, Texas. They are also working with Digital Yoghurt, an Australian digital marketing agency assisting them in promoting and selling Scoot Boots in the global market.