UTAS scholarships give rural students chance to study


Students from across the state awarded, enabling them to study at the University of Tasmania.

13 scholarships totalling almost $200,000 have been awarded to young Tasmanians today at Agfest, enabling them to study agriculture at the University of Tasmania.

The scholarships have been awarded by the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, a joint venture between UTAS and Tasmanian Government.

The successful students came from all across the state.

Director of the TIA, Professor Holger Meinke, praised the benefits of the close integration between the TIA and UTAS.

“Students can access the latest research, have the opportunity to collaborate with industry, and get hands-on learning experience at research farms around Tasmania,” Professor Meinke says.

The University of Tasmania’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Rufus Black, added that agriculture is the future of the state and noted the importance of agricultural study at UTAS.

“As a new Vice-Chancellor, it is truly an exciting thing for me to be stepping into a university that has agriculture so central to what it is about,” Professor Black says.

“The knowledge that gets worked on in the university translates to solve problems on farms across the state."

Professor Black says the personal stories of each scholarship recipient is powerful; these scholarships have enabled some students to be the first person in their families to attend university.

Dylan Bellchambers is the recipient of the Costa North-West Scholarship in Agricultural Science which provides him with $10,000 per year for up to four years.

Dylan began studying a Bachelor of Applied Science (Agriculture and Business) at UTas at the beginning of the year. His scholarship allowed him to move from Ulverstone to Hobart.

“My family is immensely proud because I’m the first to attend university. The main reason I’m able to undertake this study is because of the Costa scholarship,” Dylan said.

“These scholarships are crucial for rural students and it was great to be presented the award here at Agfest.”

Dylan is also a Rural Youth volunteer. He describes Agfest as a rewarding experience and a great way to meet new people.